Grant Writer Strategy Call with Diego Reeb - How to be a grant writing consultant - Teresa Huff, Grant Writing Simplified Podcast Episode 69

Grant Writer Strategy Call: How to Become a Grant Writing Consultant and Build Client Referrals [Episode 69]

Back by Popular Demand: Grant Writer Strategy Call

Today’s episode is another grant writer strategy call. This one is unique because I’m chatting with Diego Reeb, one of the VIP Fast Track to Grant Writer Alumni! 
We first met Diego back in Episode 30 when he was finishing up the program. He completed the Fast Track to Grant Writer in early 2021. At the time, he was working part time for a nonprofit and needed support with taking his grant writing skills to the next level.
Now as he’s nearing the end of his Master’s program and looking at graduation in 2022, he’s ready to start mapping out a plan for how to be a grant writing consultant. That’s what our conversation today is focused on.

Discussion on How to Be a Grant Writing Consultant:

  • How to position yourself to convey your value and experience
  • Getting specific about the type of clients you want to work with
  • How to frame your services and requests for better word of mouth referrals
  • Ways to showcase your expertise when you’re good at writing – even without a website
  • Where to focus your efforts when there’s so much you COULD be doing 

Meet Diego Reeb

Diego Reeb is a Social Impact Consultant for Future Focus Global and a Grant Manager for Community Access Naperville. He collaborates with clients to create the transformation they want to manifest in the world. He helps with grant research, proposal drafting, strategic planning, process and workflow analysis, and program development. 
Diego will complete his Master’s Degree in Social Work in the spring of 2022.

How Do We Start?

As you can hear from working with Diego, this is exactly what I help my clients with every day. I want you to be a good steward of your money, and I want to help you create a solid future to carry out your nonprofit vision. Let’s develop a smart, strategic approach to your nonprofit or freelance grant writing.

If you know you’re ready to take your nonprofit or grant writing career to the next level in a way that helps you carry out your mission without burning out, I want to invite you to work with me. Nonprofits can go to teresahuff.com/apply where you can fill out my application form and see if we’re a good fit to work together. Grant writers can sign up at teresahuff.com/vip and start on the Fast Track to Grant Writer right away.

Let me know – what challenges do you have with sorting out your next steps? What takeaways did you find in this episode? Connect with me over in the Grant Writing Simplified Linkedin community and let’s continue the conversation.

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