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Helping grant writers and nonprofits maximize their impact.

Teresa Huff
nonprofit strategist | mentor | podcast host

Teresa Huff

I love a good cause. So much, in fact, that…

…I’ve helped nonprofits triple their funding. 

…I gave a TEDx talk on The Real ROI of Grant Writing.

…Over 4,000 students have taken my grant writing courses

…I launched a podcast to inspire others to make a difference.

Now I’m here to:

  • Work with nonprofits to strategically lay the groundwork for grant readiness.
  • Train and equip grant writers with the skills they need to be successful.
  • Connect the dots between the two so we can all maximize our impact.

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Teresa Huff | Podcast Host - Grant Writing Simplified | Grant Strategist and Content Writer
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It’s an amazing feeling knowing… 

…over 1,000 families in need will have plenty of food for the next three years…

…senior adults will have the support they need to live at home longer than they ever dreamed possible…

…hundreds of kids in poverty will have access to brand new library books and technology… 

…all because of something I wrote. And while working from home with my kids in the mix, at that.

Easy? Not a chance. Completely rewarding? You bet it is.

I wouldn’t change it for the world – because, through grant writing, I get to play my small part and help change the world.

Here’s the thing – you can, too.

Whether you’re a nonprofit leader or a freelancer, you’re probably burning the candle at both ends already. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You might be thinking, “Sure, that’s easy for you to say. But I’m just a _____ (fill in the blank – banker, stay at home mom, teacher, real estate agent, construction manager, whatever it is you do that’s totally unrelated to grant writing). Stop right there.

You might be surprised how much your experience actually IS relevant to grant writing.

I wasn’t some grant guru with a big non-profit fundraising degree either. I was a special ed teacher-turned-stay at home mom. Or so I thought.

Life had other plans.

Throw in some cool experience…like:

  • winning a few million dollars in grant funding;
  • developing a cool curriculum for The Block Academy (in a partnership with MegaBloks!);
  • learning ninja skills like program evaluation and WordPress design;
  • real estate management that led to being Director of Corporate Development for an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Small Business;

…and it’s turned into an amazing work at home journey. I’m blessed to help others make an impact.

I’m honored to have you join me on the journey.

I have a blast teaching at in-person grant writing workshops...

Kind words from workshop guests...

“Teresa was a wonderful presenter. She knew her subject very well. The opening activity was a perfect starter and the worksheet was great. There was good audience participation throughout the presentation.”

“Very interesting. And there was time to talk and practice what was being taught.”

“Bring her back!”

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What others have to say...

Teresa has helped to create order and direction for the logistics and marketing of my business. She is energetic and enthusiastic about my business and brings that energy to help me focus and generate the content necessary to engage and support clients and their communities. She is easy to work with, has loads of insight and shared experience, and is able to help create the format and structure I need in creative ways I enjoy. If you're looking for help growing your business or getting your marketing strategy organized I highly recommend Teresa!
I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Huff for several years preparing both complex and simple grant proposals for non-profit community based organizations. She is knowledgeable and insightful throughout the grant writing process. Her research, data, and proposal writing are incomparable. She is easily accessible and provides excellent customer service. Projects that I have worked on with Ms. Huff have been completed in a timely fashion. I look forward to working in the future with Ms. Huff.
I really enjoyed Teresa's class and after watching the course, I had a better understanding of the basics behind grant writing. I found the sessions extremely helpful because they offer some talking points for someone if they need to speak with an organization or department head about whether or not they should take on a new project. I appreciated her insight and how available she is to students interested in learning more! Great class and looking forward to more!
Teresa is an amazing professional who brings all of the skills and expertise needed in grant writing and strategy as well as small business and nonprofit strategy. I have been particularly impressed by Teresa's ability to juggle multiple projects at one time. She is creative, a self-starter, and follows through with any task she is involved in. She is pleasure to work with. Teresa goes above and beyond for her clients. I am confident in saying that Teresa will be an asset to any organization that chooses to employ her services.

Keepin' It Real With Random Facts...

When interviewing a podcast guest, I always ask them to share a random fact about themselves. I suppose it’s only fair to share a few of my own!

Old Fashioned Coconut Cream White Cake - Teresa Huff

The Cake

My Old Fashioned Coconut Cream White Cake is to DIE for. It's fondly known as "The Cake" in my family and let me tell you, it is worth Every. Last. Calorie.

The Trips

I love traveling and exploring, especially restful spots in nature where God can show off His work. (Sanibel Island is one of my favs!) This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon in 2017.

The Joey

He's quirky and he smiles a lot. I used to think he had allergies and was always on the verge of a sneeze; it finally dawned on me that he's just smiling. And he's a great listener.

The Peeps

We all have somebody in our corner, and I'm so blessed to have this crew in mine. I'm kinda crazy about them.