I’m a Grants and Content Strategist specializing in equipping others to change the world through grant writing. I’ve helped nonprofits triple their funding through effective grant strategies. Now I love creating grant writing courses to mentor others.

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that over 1,000 families in need will have plenty of food for the next three years…

…or senior adults will have the support they need to live at home longer than they thought possible…

all because of something I wrote. And while working from home with my kids in the mix, at that.

Easy? Not a chance. Completely rewarding? You bet it is.

I wouldn’t change it for the world – because, through grant writing, I get to play my small part and help change the world.

Here’s the thing – you can, too.

You might be thinking, “Sure, that’s easy for you to say. But I’m just a _____________ (fill in the blank – banker, stay at home mom, teacher, real estate agent, construction manager, whatever it is you do that’s totally unrelated to grant writing). Stop right there.

You might be surprised how much your experience actually IS related to grant writing.

I wasn’t some grant guru with a big non-profit fundraising degree either. I was a special ed teacher-turned-stay at home mom. Or so I thought.

Life had other plans.

Throw in some cool experience – like winning a few million dollars in grant funding; developing curriculum for The Block Academy (a partnership with MegaBloks!); learning ninja skills like program evaluation and WordPress design; real estate management that led to being Director of Corporate Development for an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Small Business – and it’s turned into an amazing work at home journey.

Changing the world is harder than it looks...

So is working from home.

So is working from home with kids.

But I’ve done all that for nearly 20 years…and lived to tell about it. So have the kids.

So can you.

Whatever place you’re starting from, you might be surprised how much you’ve got to work with.

One thing I know for sure. THE biggest reason I was able to become a successful grant writer so quickly was because of an incredible mentor who taught me so much about the craft. Not just the writing itself, but she taught me strategy and how to think bigger in a way that appeals to funders and boards.

I also took a lot of risks, made a lot of mistakes, and learned plenty the hard way.

Teresa Huff - Grant writing mentoring for freelance and non-profit grant writers

...but you can still do your part to change the world.

I know there are others out there, like you, who want to change the world somehow. 

You have that cause – that thing – that won’t leave you alone.

You know it’s possible; you just don’t know how.

Well, guess what?

I can show you the how. Try out the grant writing courses, resources, and mentoring. 

You take it from there – put in the hard work and get busy changing your world.

 What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

Teresa has helped to create order and direction for the logistics and marketing of my business. She is energetic and enthusiastic about my business and brings that energy to help me focus and generate the content necessary to engage and support clients and their communities. She is easy to work with, has loads of insight and shared experience, and is able to help create the format and structure I need in creative ways I enjoy. If you're looking for help growing your business or getting your marketing strategy organized I highly recommend Teresa!

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