Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Check out a few of my favorite tools and tricks to make your nonprofit life easier.


The most robust grant search and
ongoing management tool on the market.
Get a free 2-week trial AND
save $50 off your first month with the code GWS50

Sharing The Credit

Quite possibly the most groundbreaking nonprofit resource EVER.
Go check it out right now and fund your good work.


Simple accounting software for
those of us who are non-accountants.


Stop hunting through old notebooks for logins.
Keep your passwords safe and organized.

A2 Hosting

My favorite website hosting company.
Their customer support is rockstar quality.


Legal templates for your consultanting biz.
Customize and start using right away.


VERY cool subscription boxes
to get a taste of the Holy Land (Israel).

More to come...

Some of the things I post are affiliate links to tools I’ve used and highly recommend. That means nothing changes for you, but it helps a little bit to fund the free podcast and other useful resources around here!