Teresa Huff - Nonprofit Grant Strategist - Grant Writing Mentor
Teresa Huff - Grant writing mentoring for freelance and non-profit grant writers

Ever crashed and burned a grant application? 

I’m here to help.

 Grant writing is tough on your own. I’ll share my hacks and help you get moving.

I teach well-meaning (but overwhelmed) freelancers and non-profit staff how to create a killer arsenal of grant writing skills. You’ve bought the trainings and sat through the courses, but something’s just not clicking. 

Finally – the grant writing mentor you’ve been looking for so you can become the grant writer non-profits have been waiting for.

Where do you want to jump in today?

Grant writing mentoring - Teresa Huff
Funder Call Script for Grant Writers
Grant writing mentoring - Teresa Huff


20 questions with a new client


Complete newbie to the grant world? Not even sure what a grant is, let alone how to write one?​

Take the popular quiz, “Do you have what it takes to be a grant writer?” before you buy expensive trainings and fall asleep sit through hours of boring lectures.

Get the scoop nobody else will tell you.

Are you nervous about talking with a new grant writing client? Not to worry; I’ve got your back. 

Swipe my template of the top 20 questions to ask a new client.

You’ll also get a bonus plug-and-go template you can customize for each client.

Use it today. Be the expert they need.

You’re dying to be a grant writer, but you’re just not sure how to get much farther on your own.

You’re ready though – ready to step up your game, work hard, and become the grant writing expert you know you can be.

Here’s the mentor you’ve been looking for to take it to the next level.

What my tribe is saying...

At the last board meeting we all agreed you're a huge, huge asset to the senior center. You've made such a big difference with grant funding, even with our numbers going up because of the programs we can offer. Our classes are growing because of all the work you're doing and the people LOVE it! Our events are completely maxed out some days. So, thank you.
I really appreciated the concise but thorough nature of the course. I am new to the grant writing world and her classes have helped me tremendously!
I just took your course and found it very clear and practical. Thank you for guiding me step by step through the basics of the grant writing process.