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Nonprofit Giving Trends From the Last Two Years and 2022 Forecasting [Episode 70]

How can we bring our best selves to that challenge in a consistent, regular, and sustainable way? That’s really what it’s all about - giving ourselves that space to take a breath, and then just go be amazing.

What’s Happening in Nonprofit Giving Trends?

The last couple of years have been full of unexpected circumstances. Are you wondering what’s going to happen with fundraising as we wrap up 2021?
That’s what we’re discussing today, along with some challenge questions to consider as we head into 2022.

Why the Conversation Is Important

I invited Shannon McCracken, CEO and Founder of The Nonprofit Alliance, to join me in this episode. Shannon has a good pulse on the latest trends, fundraising best practices, and key elements of nonprofit work that we can’t ignore.  
If you’re involved with nonprofit fundraising in any capacity, you need to listen in as we discuss:
  • Giving trends over the past 2 years (2020-2021)
  • What that means going into 2022
  • Acknowledging the importance of mental health and reducing the stress on development team members
  • How teams can collaborate to support each other during hectic seasons of unknowns
  • Paying attention to donor FAQs and noticing where you can set up better systems
  • Staying connected and feeding off of each other’s energy
  • The impact of fiscal year vs. calendar year
  • Making diversity conversations a normal part of decisionmaking
  • Challenge questions to consider
I invite you to listen as Shannon and I analyze the state of nonprofit trends and how that will inform decisionmaking moving forward.

Meet Shannon McCracken

Shannon McCracken is CEO of The Nonprofit Alliance (TNPA), a membership association that launched in 2018 with unprecedented support and momentum to promote, protect, and strengthen the nonprofit sector.  
Prior to her role with TNPA, Shannon spent two years as Charity Navigator’s Chief Development Officer, facilitating communication with nonprofit organizations and dramatically increasing resources to ensure successful implementation of a new strategic plan. She now serves on Charity Navigator’s board of directors.  
Previously Shannon spent 17 years with Special Olympics International, most recently as Vice President of Donor Development, building and managing a collaborative individual fundraising program on behalf of the global HQ and North American chapters. Shannon served as the DMA Nonprofit Federation Advisory Council Chair and Chair of the Ethics Committee. 
Shannon is a Certified Association Executive and holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit and Association Management.

Connect with Shannon McCracken and The Nonprofit Alliance:

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