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Why I Became a Nonprofit Grant Writer: Creating a Ripple Effect [Episode 030]

In this episode I’m sharing 3 reasons I became a grant writer in the first place:

  1. Practical
  2. Purpose
  3. Personal

Those reasons have evolved and grown over time as I’ve learned and gained more experience. I’ll share more about those and how I’ve been able to have an amazing career working from home. It suits my personality and has allowed me to be at home with my kids while making an impact for good through nonprofit consulting.

I’ve had the honor of coaching several amazing nonprofit professionals in the Fast Track to Grant Writer VIP Program. It’s been SO much fun helping them:

  • figure out their career goals,
  • realize the skills they’ve got hiding right under their noses,
  • and develop a solid toolbox of grant writing techniques to seriously up their game.

This 8 weeks can change the trajectory of your career.  Sign up today at teresahuff.com/vip. 

Today I’d also like you to meet another Fast Track to Grant Writer Alumni. Diego was already working part time as a grant writer for a small nonprofit. He’s also a graduate student and has been instrumental in helping his nonprofit set up an internship program. 

He’s getting some great experience, but he just wasn’t feeling very confident with his grant writing. We worked on that in the Fast Track program and talked about some really cool services he could offer to nonprofits based on his skill set and experience. It’s been so much fun having him in the program.

Everyone has brought such a unique perspective to the group, and it’s been great watching them interact and support each other. Listen in as Diego and I chat about how far he’s come over the past few weeks.

Fast Track to Grant Writer enrollment closes soon! The quicker you enroll, the quicker you’ll be on your way to changing the world. Sign up today at teresahuff.com/vip.

“Your course helped me clarify my goals and my vision and where I want to go…you really helped me hone in on what matters to me and where I see my business future.” – Lisa Ortman, Fast Track to Grant Writer Alumni

“The program was way beyond what I expected! It’s been a really positive experience.” – Jon Saunders, Fast Track to Grant Writer Alumni

The world needs you out there too, my friend.

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