Does the idea of grant writing spark your curiosity...
but you're overwhelmed with where to start?

Chances are, you have a lot of the same questions as others. 

People often ask me things like:

  • Is grant writing a good option for me?
  • How do I get started writing grants when I don’t have any experience?
  • I feel like I’m only seen as a volunteer. How do I start charging for my services?

If analysis paralysis has gotten the best of you,
let's work together to connect the dots.

It’s time to get you moving forward and bringing in money for your cause – AND income for your family.

In my early days as a freelance grant writer, I had a TON of questions but no one to ask. My mentor and I had moved several hours apart. That was before Skype or texting, so I couldn’t just call her up or meet for coffee with every little question. 

Grants can be really time sensitive.

Questions pop up like...

Real-world grant writing questions don’t conveniently pop up to fit a nice “Tuesdays at 2” coaching package.

Sometimes your questions can’t wait ’til next Tuesday.

Sometimes you’re stuck – REALLY stuck – with no idea how to move forward. But a lot hinges on your next steps.

Your spouse or your BFF or your mom listens and tries to help, but they don’t quite get it.

That’s why I’m offering a 1:1 grant writer mentoring program. 

Sort of like your own grant writing mentor-on-standby.

– Pick your package. 

– Pick your time. 

– Pick my brain.

– Prepare to turbo charge your way to some mad grant writing skills.

Teresa Huff | Podcast Host - Grant Writing Simplified | Grant Strategist and Content Writer

Pick the option you need:

Mentor-on-Call 1:1 Session

Book a 60-minute session when you need it and as your budget allows.

Time to make an impact.

Mentor in Your Pocket

1:1 support, feedback, and daily messaging access to me = Grant writing mentor in your back pocket.

Let's keep your momentum going.

What's it like to have a Grant Mentor-on-Call?

There are no strings attached as far as content. I’m not going to make you follow a strict one-size-fits-all curriculum to showcase what I know. 

This is about meeting YOU where you are in your grant writing journey and helping you make progress from there.

How does Mentor-on-Call work?

The steps are simple:

  1. Book your session.
  2. You’ll get a couple of questions to fill out in advance. (This helps us make the most of our time.)
  3. We’ll meet, talk through your top 1-2 struggles, and you’ll be on your way to grant writing genius.

You’re not off the hook though – we’ll develop action steps together to send you off at the end of each session. 

Don’t sign up for this unless you’re an action-taker who is ready for accountability and motivated to follow through.

I’m here to support ambitious, hard working grant writers who are driven to change their world.

Ready for a grant writing mentor in your back pocket?
Introducing your Grant Writing MENTOR-ON-CALL.

Word on the street...

My strategy session with Teresa was so helpful! She was kind, attentive, and understood my needs/fears as I transition into a new career. She assessed my situation with "fresh eyes", gave actionable advice, and was very encouraging. After talking with her, I am excited and ready to move forward in grant writing.
I was feeling overwhelmed with too many ideas, but this session really helped me know where to focus. Now I know exactly what I need to do next to keep moving forward. ​
A. M.
Awesome strategy talk with Teresa! It was so great to get a different perspective on the skills that I bring to the work. I have a much better plan for moving forward as a freelance grant writer. It was so helpful and productive to tap into Teresa's experience and knowledge of the job.