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Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Grant Writing [Episode 61]

Happy Birthday to the Grant Writing Simplified Podcast!

When I started the podcast one year ago, I never dreamed it would be downloaded in 72 countries across 6 continents! Today I want to thank YOU, my amazing listeners, for all your encouragement and support through this journey over the past year!
Last Friday I had the honor of presenting a grant writing session at the Drury University Nonprofit Leadership Annual Conference. The irony was that it had been exactly one year since the official podcast start date. It was amazing being back in person again and meeting some incredible humans doing amazing work in the nonprofit world. What a way to celebrate!! 

Top 10 Things I Want You to Know About Grant Writing

To celebrate the 1 year birthday, I thought a good ol’ Top 10 list would be fun! You’ve heard me say some of these in multiple episodes, and that’s because these are important!
Here we go – the Top 10 Things I Want You to Know About Grants:
  1. Write tight! 
  2. There’s a person on the other side of everything you write. Write for that person.
  3.  Just start! Action brings clarity. 
  4. Grant writers: You have more skills than you realize.
  5. Nonprofits: You have more resources than you realize.
  6. When it comes to grants – Strategy first.
  7. Follow the guidelines and triple check everything!
  8. Be creative!
  9. Pace yourself and take breaks. We don’t need our best grant writers and nonprofit leaders burning out!
  10. Remember your why. 
Why I Started a Grant Writing Podcast
In Episode 59 I interviewed sage video expert David Jasse. We chatted about telling nonprofit stories through video. Being a seasoned video guy, after the session he started firing interview questions back at me! I kept recording, and then decided to use a clip from that outtake to give you a glimpse of why I’m doing all this. Listen to the full birthday episode for my completely off-the-cuff answers to his questions.
I so appreciate this feedback from the talented Ashley McMichael, my strategy session guest in Episode 37 where we talked about showing her nonprofit’s sustainability in a grant application:
“It was so great working with you. You are really an asset to visionaries who need help breaking things down into manageable chunks. I learned so much and I look forward to working together for the long haul. You are truly amazing Teresa!” – Ashley McMichael

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