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5 Questions for a More Compelling Nonprofit Story [Episode 60]

Nonprofit Storytelling Is an Art AND a Science

This month we’ve been talking about nonprofit storytelling and some different ways you can do that. Now we’re going a little deeper into how to craft your nonprofit story, and I’m going to share 5 tips that will help you figure out how to tell your story.
Grant writing is both an art and a science…
It’s a science because you have to understand the process, use the research, and follow the funder guidelines to a T. 
It’s an art because you need to decide how much to tell, which data and stories to use, and how to present it the most effectively.
While we’re talking specifically about grants here, this applies to all your nonprofit writing – social media posts, website copy, donor letters, brochures, presentations – you name it.

How to Tell Your Nonprofit Story

First, you need to collect the stories. This can be a family you helped, a volunteer’s perspective, a donor who made an impact, a new project you’re starting, explaining your why, or new data showing the need for your programs. Write them down, because you’ll forget!
You’re essentially building up a bank of stories to use when you need them.
The tricky part is that information is not typically collected in a linear way. We have to make sense of it all, pull out what’s relevant, and weave it together in a way that makes sense.

5 Questions to Ask When Crafting Your Nonprofit Story:

  1. What’s the end goal for this content? 
  2. What will move the audience closer to that goal? 
  3. Is there a good mix of both art and science? 
  4. Is there any fluff that needs to be removed?
  5. Do the supporting elements enhance or detract from the story? 

Listen to the full episode for examples of each question. 

Let’s Work Together to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

Sometimes you need help sorting out your nonprofit story and figuring out how to tell it. You know it’s vital, yet it’s hard when you’re in the thick of things and you can’t see the forest for the trees. If that’s you, then send me a message on LinkedIn or reach out on my website contact page and let’s discuss what that could look like for your nonprofit. 

If you’re wanting to become a grant writer to help nonprofits tell their story to make a bigger impact, then get on the Fast Track to Grant Writer today at teresahuff.com/vip.


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Your story is important, and the way you tell it is important. How will you share your story this week? 

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