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Pro Tips to Step Up Your Nonprofit Grant Strategy with Systems [Episode 62]

Do You Have a Grant Search and Tracking System in Place?

Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of grant funding and felt overwhelmed by all the potential options out there? You try to stay organized, yet somehow you’re still struggling to track all the different opportunities, deadlines, and requirements. A spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it anymore.
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How to Step up Your Nonprofit Grant Strategy with Systems

Systems are a big deal if you’re ever going to scale your organization. However, we don’t want to create complex systems just for the sake of having a system. They need to work for us to make our lives easier and help us delegate the work among our team.
That’s why I’ve invited Gauri Manglik, CEO of Instrumentl, on the show today. She’s truly a systems expert. Gauri and her team made it their mission to study the way both nonprofits and grant funders operate, and she’s a wealth of knowledge on streamlining systems.
We talk about all kinds of strategy tips that nonprofits should pay attention to, such as:
  • The importance of systems
  • What can you let the system do vs. what work can only be done by your people
  • Being more strategic and proactive in your operations and grant applications
  • Leveling up your capacity in your organization
  • How to know when you’re ready to pursue grant funding (Hint: It’s definitely an advanced fundraising strategy!)
  • Using the Form 990 to gather intel about funders
  • Taking a strategic approach to projects and grant applications
  • Determining how many grants your organization can handle
  • Using tools to help understand work styles, personalities, and foster communication among teams
  • Stepping into a higher leadership role as the organization grows
Listen as Gauri and I discuss the different aspects to consider as you’re growing your nonprofit grant strategy with systems. 
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Meet Gauri Manglik, Instrumentl CEO & Co-Founder
Gauri Manglik is the CEO and co-founder of Instrumentl, the institutional fundraising platform. Under her leadership, Instrumentl has grown to serve over 1,400 nonprofits, quickly becoming a favorite tool among grant seekers for bringing grant prospecting, tracking, and management to one place.
Gauri has dedicated her career to building intuitive and delightful user experiences. Seeing the opportunity to force multiply the nonprofit sector’s ability to create impact through software led her to her work at Instrumentl.
Before Instrumentl, Gauri was CEO and co-founder of Fondu, an online community for sharing bite-sized restaurant reviews. After Fondu was acquired by Airbnb, Gauri led their mobile and special projects teams. Gauri holds a BA in Computer Science from NYU.

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