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How to Tell Your Nonprofit Story Through Video [Episode 59]

The story that comes from the heart touches the heart.
David Jasse
DMJ Studios

The Art of Nonprofit Storytelling

Today’s guest is David Jasse from DMJ Studios. We first connected on LinkedIn. After following him for a while, I could tell that he really gets nonprofits. He knows how to pull out a compelling story and showcase it through video. 
David has worked for some big-name TV networks, and since starting his own production company, his nonprofit films have helped raise over $20M for nonprofits.
There are so many great takeaways in this episode! If you’re a nonprofit, be ready to take notes on how you can better tell your story. And if you’re a grant writer, this might give you some ideas on how you can better help tell your nonprofit’s story.

Telling Nonprofit Stories Through Video

A few of the high points we discuss:
  • The importance of telling your story in a high quality way
  • How limiting beliefs hurt your nonprofit
  • Using video storytelling to raise funding
  • Applying smart business principles to running your nonprofit
  • 80% of communication is nonverbal
  • Asking the right questions to dig deeper
  • Drawing out the emotional side of stories

Meet David Jasse

David M. Jasse opened DMJ Studios in 1992 after garnering network experience at CNN, MTV, CBS & FOX. Among his company’s most recent achievements is editing & designing graphics for Emmy Award winning “Born to Explore with Richard Weise” as seen on ABC. 

Previously, DMJ headed up the editorial team for “Cafe Digital”, 52 half hour shows on The Discovery Channel. David’s specialty is directing video that engages audiences and touches hearts. 

Mr. Jasse’s nonprofit films have helped raise over 20 million dollars. In the last year since the pandemic, DMJ has successfully pivoted to producing virtual events for the nonprofit community.

  • www.dmjstudios.net
  • Connect with David Jasse on LinkedIn
  • David says: Send your email to jasse@dmjstudios.net with “10 reasons” in the subject line and I’ll send you my article on “Ten Reasons Why Most Videos Fail.”

Are You Telling Your Nonprofit Story?

 If we don’t tell the stories, people won’t know there’s a need. And if they don’t know there’s a need, they can’t help meet that need. So tell your stories.
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