Teresa Huff, TEDx Speaker - Lean into failure to reach success - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast Episode 111

How Can You Use Failure to be Successful? Lean In! [Episode 111]

“The way to success is to lean into those small potential failures, because if you try and if you learn and mitigate the risks, then your failures will actually start to stack up into learning experiences and really valuable lessons. You’ll collect those, and those will turn more and more into successes.”

TEDx Talk: The Real ROI of Grant Writing

My TEDx Talk is live!! You can watch and share here:

The Real ROI of Grant Writing

I’ve been a longtime fan of learning from TEDx speakers, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to give a talk of my own! I share about nonprofits and how having the right ROI framework in place can open new doors.

When most people hear ROI, they think ‘Return on Investment,’ but when it comes to grant writing the ROI framework is different. We’re looking for a Return on Impact. Nonprofits have to work on being relevant, optimizing your operations, and interacting authentically and meaningfully with others.

  • Relevant
  • Optimize Operations
  • Interact authentically and meaningfully

Return on Impact

When a skilled chef is cooking, their secret ingredient can make the meal ten times better. 

For grant writing, the secret sauce to a higher return on impact doesn’t have to be a secret. It’s not hidden or profound: It’s to build true relationships with people. And it is important to build those relationships through each part of the ROI framework – your relevance, optimization, and interactions.

Don’t Skip Steps

How have I helped dozens of nonprofits over the last two decades? By building relationships, and advising others to do the same. 

It didn’t start out easy or winning every time. I made a LOT of mistakes, especially at first. I didn’t know any better. But that was part of the process.
We HAVE to fail to get to success. 

That’s the part people try to skip. They skip the small failures because they’re afraid. And in doing so, they set themselves up for bigger failure.

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.” – Sara Blakely.

Challenge Question:

What part of the ROI framework do you need to focus on?

Find the TEDx Talk Here:

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