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Grant Writer FAST Focus Power Series – Part 2: Who Am I to Be a Grant Writer? [Episode 044]

Who Am I to Be a Grant Writer? 

Welcome back to this special Podcast Power Series, Grant Writer FAST Focus. This week I’m going to help you develop the confidence and clarity you need to start your grant writing career.

Should You Try Grant Writing?

Many new grant writers are paralyzed by the question, “Where do I start?” Even if they have some nonprofit experience, they still battle imposter syndrome. 

However, I talk to so many talented people with great experience who are passionate about their nonprofit work. Some have even written grants before – and they still don’t think they have what it takes to be a grant writer.

They think, “Who would want to work with me? Should I just work for free to get some experience? What do I have to offer a nonprofit?”

Let’s Change the Script

I want to challenge you to shift your mindset around this. 

You probably already have a lot of valuable skills that can really help your community. You have some God-given abilities that make you unique. You need to show up with those. But until you realize that and get out of your own way, you won’t be able to use them effectively. Let’s change that. The world needs you out there making a difference.

The Fast Track to Grant Writer group program and my 1:1 coaching go deep into this, and this is exactly what I help my clients with. I created this free power series for you on the podcast to help you get started and, more than anything, believe that it IS possible for you and to see how you can start to put those pieces together.

Hang with me this week, because over the next 4 days we’re going to talk about the mindset shifts AND practical strategies you need to believe that you can be a good grant writer.

How Is This Different?

Lots of programs tell you how to write a grant.
Lots of programs tell you how to set up a business.
That’s where people get stuck, because most programs don’t teach you how to write the grant AND set up your grant writing career for success. That’s how it’s different when we work together, and that’s exactly what we do inside the Fast Track to Grant Writer.
Fast Track Alum Lisa said, “I appreciate the ways you are showing us we can help non-profits. There are many nuggets we can incorporate into consulting that I hadn’t previously considered.”

My Challenge to You

If you’re struggling with the question of, “Who am I to be a grant writer?” I want you to flip the script and instead ask, “Who am I NOT to be a grant writer?”
Todd Henry, host of The Accidental Creative Podcast, said, “The key is to push forward, not allow yourself to get stuck, so your body of work reflects your best attributes, not your biggest fears.

Grant Writer Power Series

Be on the lookout this week, because every day for 4 days in a row a new episode in this power series is going to drop. These episodes are short because I don’t want you to get caught up in the weeds of self-doubt. I’m calling it a power series for a reason – instead of overwhelming you with a bunch of information, I want you to focus on one powerful action step each day.

Listen in to the full episode for today’s lesson and homework assignment.

Then download the workbook below and let’s get you moving forward!

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