Helping Nonprofits Tackle Large Problems - Interview with Kristen Harrigton - Grant Writing Simplified Teresa Huff, Episode 113

How Accurate Navigation And A Good Mentor Can Help A Nonprofit Tackle Large Problems [Episode 113]

“We need to be able to come together to take on the biggest problems.”

Homelessness is one of the big issues in society today and it knows no geographical boundaries.

A nonprofit called New Story is tackling this issue, and their ultimate goal is to end global homelessness.

And get this – they do it by printing 3D homes.

As you can imagine, a lot of hurdles come up while tackling such a large issue.

This week I’m talking with Kristen Harrington, Senior Manager of Partnerships for New Story. We discuss two things about how to tackle large problems that we face while working in a nonprofit:

  1. How we navigate our goals and outcomes is important
  2. The importance of mentorship

Ways to Navigate How You Run Your Nonprofit

  • Think bold/think bigger
  • Take obstacles and find the positive in it
  • Have a creative and hardworking team
  • Be transparent in the ups and the downs

Know the Power of Mentorship

Why is having a mentor a good idea within a nonprofit?

  • Someone to bounce ideas off of
  • Someone to ask questions
  • They are an ally in the nonprofit world
  • You can share partnership prospects
  • They can provide helpful feedback

Challenge Question:

Who can be a mentor to come alongside you while you’re attempting to tackle a large problem?

Meet Kristen Harrington:

Kristen Harrington is passionate about people and purpose. As the Senior Manager of Partnerships at New Story, she leads a team to maximize global impact by cultivating new relationships with the world’s most generous companies. 

Prior to joining New Story, Kristen helped lead the fundraising efforts of multi-million dollar campaigns for national organizations and even spent some time outside of the nonprofit sector at ESPN. She spends her free time with her husband, daughter, and two chocolate labs, looking for Atlanta’s best tacos and the next great adventure.

Connect with Kristen:

(Photos courtesy of www.newstorycharity.org/)

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