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How to Start as a Grant Writer: Mindset and Strategy of Nonprofit Grant Writing [Episode 029]

People often reach out to me wondering how to start as a grant writer. I’ll admit, grant writing can look like a pretty intimidating career path.

But I’ll let you in on a secret: It doesn’t have to be. 

In fact, chances are the distance from where you are now to becoming a grant writer is probably a lot smaller than you think.

 In this podcast episode, we’ll talk about:

  • The career questions you need to ask yourself
  • Mapping out a plan to move your grant writing career forward
  • The mindset you must have to be a successful grant writer

And you can listen in on key takeaways from Fast Track to Grant Writer students. This episode is a lot of fun! Listen in and get several ideas of how you can start as a grant writer.

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“Your course helped me clarify my goals and my vision and where I want to go…you really helped me hone in on what matters to me and where I see my business future.” – Lisa Ortman, Fast Track to Grant Writer Alumni

“The program was way beyond what I expected! It’s been a really positive experience.” – Jon Saunders, Fast Track to Grant Writer Alumni

The world needs you out there doing this, my friend.

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