Ask the Obvious: 5 Questions for Better Grant Writing - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 99

Ask the Obvious: 5 Questions for Better Grant Writing [Episode 99]

“Don't be afraid to ask better questions. Sometimes we need to step back and ask the obvious. You might be surprised at what you find.”

How Can You Improve Your Grant Writing?

Sometimes the best answer to that question is to ask the obvious.

Oftentimes we think we’re perfectly clear, but are we really?

The past few episodes we’ve been talking about the importance of clarity – in our work, our messaging, our communications, and especially our grant writing. That then becomes the catalyst for becoming more effective.

With a grant application, for example, ask yourself, “Is this clear enough that my mom could understand it?” If not, you might need to revisit how you’re presenting the information.

Be Brave Enough to Ask Better Questions

If we ask ourselves better questions, we get better answers. Today I want to challenge you with 5 questions to dig down and help uncover important insights:

  1. What are we doing well?
  2. What’s clear?
  3. What’s unclear?
  4. What can be improved?
  5. What are we afraid to ask/afraid to find out?

Then give yourself space to listen and look for connections. 

Challenge Question:

What obvious questions do you need to ask? 

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