5 Tips to Improve Your Grant Writing Clarity - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 95

5 Tips to Improve Your Grant Writing Clarity [Episode 95]

People won't support what they don't understand. Make your writing clear so they can make an informed decision.

How Clear Is Your Writing?

Last week we talked about the importance of using positive action words in your writing. Words that inspire. Words that cast a vision.

This week we’re talking about another important element: clarity.

Implement More Clarity in Your Grant Writing

Gaining clarity is at the core of what we do because everything else hinges on it. We need clarity ourselves before we can expect to clearly convey our work to others.
Whether you’re offering services, applying for grants, explaining your nonprofit’s mission, outlining a program, you must have clarity. 
People won’t support what they don’t understand. If it’s unclear, they can’t understand it and they sure won’t support it. Help them make an informed decision by clearly conveying the work you’re doing.

5 Tips to Convey Your Nonprofit Message with Clarity:

  1. Decide what’s your #1 goal for this piece of writing?
  2. Outline the key points in a logical framework.
  3. Fill in the important details. 
  4. Cut out the fluff! Don’t argue. There’s always fluff.
  5. Take imperfect action.
 Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive.

Challenge Question:

Where do you need to refine your work or writing for more clarity? How will you take action on it this week? Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’ll brainstorm with you. And if you need more support, join me on the Fast Track to Grant Writer already and let’s get you moving!


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