Nonprofit strategy call - Dooshima David-Jang, Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff Episode 96

Strategy Call: Gaining Clarity for a Nonprofit’s Next Steps [Episode 96]

Our work boils down to clarity and impact. In order to make an impact, you MUST have clarity.
Teresa Huff
Grant Writing Simplified Podcast

Importance of Clarity

People won’t support what they don’t understand. We must have clarity in order to make an impact. 

In this week’s on-air nonprofit coaching call, I’m working with the lovely Dooshima David-Jang, a nonprofit leader from Nigeria. Inspired by her father’s legacy, she started a nonprofit when she saw a disconnect in her community.

First we had to dig into what that really meant. Then we could design a short-term action plan so she can gather more information from the community while serving them at the same time.

Finally, she asks if I have any insights about why her grant for a much-needed idea wasn’t funded.

For all three points, it all boils down to clarity and impact.

Let’s dive in!

Clarity Is the Key to Making an Impact

I hope you’re starting to see the power of clarity and strategic thinking. In Dooshima’s case:
  • She first needed to get clear on the impact she wants to make with her nonprofit.
  • Then she needed an action plan to find the shortest distance from Point A to Point B. That way she can build momentum, develop community partnerships, and iterate her programs.
  • That will give her more powerful leverage in the future when she’s ready to start applying for grant funding.

Challenge Question:

Is there an area you’re holding back because of a lack of clarity? If so, we need to dig in and polish it up! 

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