Improve your grant writing immediately with this pro tip. Grant Writing Simplified Podcast Episode 94 with Teresa Huff

Pro Tip to Improve Your Grant Writing Immediately [Episode 94]

Use positive action words to cast an inspiring vision with your grant writing.
Teresa Huff
Grant Writing Simplified Podcast

What Kind of Message Are You Sending in Your Grant Writing?

If you step back and look at your grant writing objectively, you might be surprised at what you find. 

And it might not be quite as pretty as you thought.

Before you give up in despair, though, I’ve got you covered. Today’s grant writing pro tip will help you improve overnight once you crack the code.

Does Your Grant Writing Sound Like This?

When we’re writing, we often tend to be polite and soften the blow:
  • “Would you be able to help me on Saturday?” 
  • “If you had a minute, I’d love it if you could help with this.”
That’s sweet and nice when we’re asking a friend for a favor. 
Not so in grant writing.
It makes us sound unsure and wishy washy:
  • “If we had these funds, we could help so many kids.”
  • “If we were to get this grant, we would be able to build a playground.”
Now let’s be clear – I’m not knocking the mission at all. 
But sadly, the mission is getting lost in the ambiguity.
Let’s try that again with a positive approach:
  • “With these funds, we will impact over 100 students.”
  • “We will use these funds to build a playground.”
See the difference? It’s immediately a different impact.

Grant Writing Words to Avoid

When you’re writing a grant, watch out for past tense words that are talking about things in the future – “If we had these funds, we could…”
Also avoid passive words and phrases like these:
  • Would
  • Could
  • If we were
  • Might be able to
Instead, aim for positive, confident phrasing. Cast the vision for the funder.
Your writing will transform.
 Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive.

Challenge Question:

Find a paragraph or two you’ve written recently. Look it over – do you use positive action words? How can you rewrite it to be more inspiring? Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’ll brainstorm with you. And if you need more support, join me on the Fast Track to Grant Writer already and let’s get you moving!


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