Are Your Nonprofit Blind Spots Getting the Best of You? Interview with Likky Lavji - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 88

Are Your Nonprofit Blind Spots Getting the Best of You? [Episode 88]

We look in the mirror because we want to make sure we show up properly. Look in the mirror to see who you are, not how you show up.

How Do You Spot Your Blind Spots?

Blind spots…this is something I’ve been pondering for quite some time:
  • How can we find them?
  • And how can we work on them when we don’t know what they are in the first place?
  • In the context of our work, how can we help organizations see their nonprofit blind spots with grace and compassion? 
Blind spots are elusive. First, because we don’t know what we don’t know. Secondly, with a lot of grant writers I coach, they also don’t know what they DO know.
We can ask others about our own blind spots, and that might reveal a few clues. But not always.
Blind spots are tricky because they can change in different seasons and as we grow. 
Nonprofit blind spots can be even more difficult because of all the internal and external dynamics that come into play.
That’s a part of the process. Rather than being afraid of what we’ll find, let’s lean into the process and have a willingness to uncover them. If we’re open to growth, this is a healthy step.
Navigating Blind Spots
As I’ve dug into this idea more, I uncovered an incredibly useful resource to pinpoint our blind spots. In this episode I’m talking with Likky Lavji, known as the “Blind Spot Navigator.” 
When I first heard Likky interviewed on Bob Burg’s podcast, I had to reach out and learn more.
Likky shares that 95% of people think we’re self-aware, but in reality, only 15% of us are self-aware. 
“Whatever your style is, if you all understand what those are, then you can communicate by meeting in between, in the middle, and then getting an incredible board happening, an incredible organization occurring.” -Likky Lavji
We talk about personal blind spots, nonprofit blind spots, and practical steps to work through them. 

Listen to the full episode for a fascinating, encouraging conversation. As Likky says, “Don’t be scared of committing to the process. It’s an incredible journey.”

Challenge Question:

What next step will you take to uncover your blind spots, both personally and as an organization? Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’ll brainstorm with you.

Meet Likky Lavji, Blind Spot Navigator

A sought-after keynote speaker and author of Amazon’s #1 Bestseller List, Death by BS, Likky teaches audiences on how to break barriers to unleash human potential.
With over 25 years as a CEO of a top IT company, Likky’s extensive experience in executive leadership has given him a unique perspective that remains unchartered by leaders and organizations in understanding the layers beneath human behavior and how it impacts growth and productivity.
He has been acknowledged by prominent organizations, including Telus Corporation, Lenovo Canada, and Royal Bank of Canada for his ability to create a mindset shift when it comes to commitment and powerful performance to achieve results.
Bob Burg, National Bestselling Author of The Go Giver, refers to Likky as a transformational keynote speaker, “teaching audiences a fresh new perspective on how to create your brand, customer loyalty and profitable business.”
Get ready to be moved and inspired with insights on how to achieve greater outcomes by navigating through your blind spots.

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