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Serving Others Through a Ministry-Based Business [Episode 041]

Starting a Business or a Nonprofit? 

Today I’m talking with my good friend and fellow entrepreneur Kari Bartkus of Love Does That. She has a unique ministry-based business and such a heart for serving and encouraging others. After weighing the options of whether to start a business or a nonprofit, Kari decided that a ministry-based business was the right path for her.

Kari’s Journey to a Ministry-Based Business

Kari and I talk about several aspects of her ministry-based business journey:

  • Deciding whether to start a business or a nonprofit
  • Small steps towards starting her ministry-based business
  • Rediscovering her love for art and incorporating it into her work
  • Using her business to give back to the local community and spotlight urgent needs in the area
  • The reason behind her products and services
  • How she is able to minister to others through the products, workshops, and Bible studies she creates.

Connect with Kari Bartkus and Love Does That:

Seeing far too many people go through hardship alone, Kari Bartkus became determined to show up and be present when those around her were hurting. Through her work at Love Does That, she equips others to do the same, providing practical tips and prayerfully-made gifts that serve as tangible expressions of care. 

Knowing that encouragement has to come from a place of abiding with Jesus, she also offers creative Bible studies and workshops that invite women to stay close to Him so they can be prepared to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around them.

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Comparing a Business and Nonprofit Podcast Series:

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