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Grant Writing Q&A: How Much Detail Is Enough in a Grant Application? [Episode 042]

Do I Need a Lot of Detail in a Grant Application? 

Today I want to share a great question I received recently from a new grant writer:

How do you know what is sufficient detail in a grant application? There could always be more to write about your program.

Glad you asked! In this episode I’ll talk through three things you need to consider when adding detail to your grant application:

  1. Is there a limit in the application (word count, character count, page limit)? If so, you’re forced to write tight!
  2. Focus on the application guidelines and the goal of what you’re asking for.
  3. Remember there’s a person at the other end of everything you write. Make it clear, concise, and compelling.

What questions do YOU have about grant writing? Send me a message, and maybe I’ll answer it in a future episode!

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