Rodney Olsen with Compassion Australia shares how cyclists will be riding from Australia's coast to coast to help children in poverty. Teresa Huff, Grant Writing Simplified Podcast

Riding Coast to Coast for a Cause: Rodney Olsen, Compassion Australia [Episode 048]

“There are so many opportunities where we can use what we love, the things that we do day by day, and turn them into a way to make a difference for other people.”
Rodney Olsen, Compassion Australia
Rodney Olsen
Compassion Australia

Riding Coast to Coast: Innovative Ideas to Make an Impact

It’s time for another nonprofit spotlight, and this is one interesting ride! I’m talking with Rodney Olsen with Compassion Australia.

He’s gearing up to lead a huge mission in September 2021 – riding coast to coast across Australia! The team is raising awareness and funding to help children in poverty. 

Listen in as Rodney shares:

  • His story of how he learned about Compassion Australia’s impact.
  • How much the need for help has grown over the years.
  • The ways they’re tapping into volunteers and resources in local communities.
  • Their structure for training and preparing volunteers for the work.
  • The importance of keeping your why top of mind for the whole team.
  • How you can use the things you love to make an impact for good.
About Rodney Olsen

Rodney Olsen spent much of his working life as a professional communicator working in radio, but these days he is a Relationship Manager with Compassion Australia.

After visiting Haiti and Dominican Republic in 2008, Rodney’s burden to serve those living in extreme poverty began to grow. He began working for Compassion Australia in 2013. He’s passionate about children being released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

He has travelled to a number of nations where Compassion is working and has seen firsthand how children’s lives are being transformed.

Rodney is a keen cyclist who has crossed Australia 6 times by bike as well as cycling in Canada and India. Rodney begins his seventh crossing of Australia in September 2021 as part of Ride for Compassion Coast to Coast.

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