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Mid-Year Checkup: Our Role as Grant Writers [Episode 047]

Grant Writer Mid-Year Checkup 

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2021 already! Have you taken time to reflect on your progress and celebrate your wins so far this year?

I’m celebrating 10,000 podcast downloads! Thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way.

Grant Writing Seasons

Grant cycles tend to be seasonal, so I hope you’re getting in some down time this summer. If you are, it might just be the perfect time to join me on the Fast Track to Grant Writer

Asking the Hard Questions

Sometimes as grant writers, we have to ask the hard questions. We have to dig deeper and play devil’s advocate even when it’s easier to just go with the flow.

However, that’s not good in the long run. We need to be proactive and look for the potential problems so we can address those up front. Listen in as I share several examples of tough questions we may need to ask when preparing a grant project or program design.

Looking Ahead

What’s next for you in your grant writing journey? I’ve got some great episodes coming up on the podcast this summer, so come hang out with me every Tuesday!

In the meantime, go change your world. 🙂

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