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6 Ways to Learn Grant Writing Skills When You’re a Nonprofit Volunteer [Episode 028]

Someone the other day asked how to get started with his grant writing career. We talked about several ways he can learn grant writing skills while juggling his other commitments. That’s what inspired today’s episode – it’s a sort of sneak peek into my mentoring program Fast Track to Grant Writer.

This person is volunteering at a nonprofit now by helping their grant writer with preparing grant proposals. He’s looking for mentoring and guidance on how to get started on his own as a professional grant writer.

He’s got the right idea by working with a grant writer to learn the ropes, but of course he’d like to scale his competence even faster. Today on the podcast I’m sharing 6 ways he can start learning valuable grant writing skills right where he is. 

The Importance of Grant Writer Mentoring

We often can’t see what’s right in front of us; we need someone to help connect the dots. That’s the kind of thing we do in Fast Track to Grant Writer. 

We learn plenty of the pro grant writing tips. As one VIP Fast Track student said, “Understanding the writing PRO tips was so good. Grant writing is nuanced and it helps to get some insider tips to help craft our writing.

We also go over exactly how to use those tips. Another Fast Track student said, “I appreciate all the ways you are showing us how we can help non-profits. There are many nuggets we can incorporate into consulting that I hadn’t previously considered.

Even if they’ve read the books and taken the courses, new grant writers STILL ask me questions like:

  • How do I find clients and market myself?
  • How much do I charge? Should I work for free?
  • How do I find a job working for a nonprofit without any experience?

We cover ALL this and so much more in Fast Track to Grant Writer. Here’s the thing, friends – I’m not going to dump a bunch of cookie cutter grant writing lessons on you and say, “Now off you go! Write your grant!” Grants aren’t that way, and I don’t believe mentoring should be either.

Spots are limited though, so the sooner you sign up, the better.
My friend, the world needs you out there making a difference. It’s time to get you on the Fast Track.

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