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Keys to Success as a Nonprofit Leader: Interview with Dr. Johnathan Kraus, Love Never Fails International [Episode 027]

Finding Success as a Nonprofit Leader

Welcome to Episode 27 of Grant Writing Simplified! My friends, I have some good stuff for you today. 

The next couple of episodes are on the importance of mentoring. If you didn’t catch last week’s show, make sure to go back later and listen to Episode 26. I talk about some unexpected places I’ve found mentors over the years (get this – some of them didn’t even know it!), and I also share 5 ways to find mentors of your own.

Series on Mentorship – The Importance of Good Mentors

It’s interesting how a topic sometimes pops up in several random places at one time. That’s how this mentoring subject was once I decided to do this podcast series on mentoring. I can’t emphasize enough how instrumental mentors have been in my journey – not just in grant writing, but with business, parenting, decisionmaking, and life in general.

That’s one big reason I’m providing mentoring now to other grant writers. I know what a difference it made for me, so I want to pay it forward. I can’t write all the grants for all the wonderful causes out there, but I can teach others, and together we can create a much bigger ripple effect. 

Where Do I Start?

I can’t tell you how many emails and messages I get from people wanting to learn grant writing – some who have even read the books and maybe even taken a course or two – and they’re still saying, “But where do I start?” 

I’m really excited to announce that the doors are officially open for the spring cohort of my VIP program, Fast Track to Grant Writer. This teaches you EXACTLY where to start and helps you polish up your online presence so you’re ready to roll. It’s challenging, it’s fast, and it’s fun.

The winter group is wrapping up and it’s been completely amazing. This is seriously a group of rockstars I’m about to turn loose on the world. You’ll hear from them in a couple of weeks on the show. I keep these groups small so you can get lots of feedback from me throughout the program. If you’d like to snag your spot for the spring cohort, get the details and sign up today at teresahuff.com/vip.

How Mentors Lead and Inspire

Speaking of mentors, I’ve also had some who helped me along the way of this podcasting journey. To quote one of those, who happens to be longtime pro podcaster Denise Griffitts, she says, “My podcast guests are my mentors.” I’ve found this to be true too, and especially with today’s guest just in our short interview together. 

Dr. Johnathan Kraus, Love Never Fails International

Dr. Johnathan Kraus is the founder and President of Love Never Fails International. He has plenty of credentials to his name – a Rutgers University grad, Doctor of Ministry, and Ph.D. in Counseling. 

Although his work is impressive, John is no stranger to challenges. As a teenager he started using drugs, which led to dropping out of school at 14, incarcerated at 15, and shot at 3 times by 16. His life didn’t get off to the best start, yet even through that God was at work, preparing John to make a difference in the slums of India. 

In 2010 God called Jonathan to work with the children of the slums and streets of Mumbai. A former college professor and grade school teacher in the USA, he left the comforts of home to start the nonprofit. Love Never Fails is now serving children from coast to coast in India meeting children’s needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

John has some incredibly inspiring and encouraging words for us today, so listen and enjoy.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start in order to be great.”

Tips for nonprofit success:

  1. Always be learning – books, podcasts, mentors, ask questions
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Being with a small group to collaborate
  4. Manage your time and staff as a nonprofit leader to prevent burnout
  5. The importance of multiplying in nonprofit leadership
  6. Keep coming back to your why – stay focused on your mission

Friends, if this has left you feeling like it’s time to step up and do more, but you don’t know where to start, check out the Fast Track to Grant Writer at teresahuff.com/vip. We’ve got a world to change, and we need you to be a part of it. 

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