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Grant Writer FAST Focus Power Series – Part 3: How Do I Become a Grant Writer? [Episode 045]

Can I Really Be a Grant Writer?

Welcome back to this special Podcast Power Series, Grant Writer FAST Focus. This week I’m going to help you develop the confidence and clarity you need to start your grant writing career.

First, Know Your Why

You all know by now that I’m pretty passionate about all things grant writing.

Today I want to take a minute to tell you WHY.

After all, knowing your WHY is one of the first things nonprofits need to do, so it’s a pretty good practice for ourselves too. 

For me, grant writing was a great way to work from home when our kids were young while still using my degree and making an impact for good on the world.

I’ve worked with so many clients and different types of nonprofits – food pantry, nonprofit daycare, public and private schools, senior center, orphan care, youth center, and others.

I’ve helped nonprofits triple their funding and hugely increase their impact. 

It Didn’t Start That Way

Here’s the thing though – that didn’t happen overnight. 
It took years of hard work, perseverance, and risks. It was only after I stepped back and looked at the big picture that I realized how much we’ve collectively accomplished. 
I sure didn’t win every single grant. If I hadn’t started with that first application though, I never would’ve gotten to the point of helping nonprofits triple their funding. I started as a new mom, a former special education teacher who knew nothing about grant writing. 
But did you hear that? I started. I started with what I knew and went from there.
The thing is, you can too.


F.A.S.T. Track to Grant Writing:

Start with what you know and go from there. Figure out the shortest distance from Point A to Point B.

But to do that, you need to do 4 things F.A.S.T. (and by the way, these are the 4 phases we cover in Fast Track to Grant Writer):

  • FOCUS: Get clear on your career goals and what is realistic for you in your current season. Develop your career roadmap – either for starting your consulting business or working for a nonprofit as an employee.
  • ACCELERATE: Learn the pro grant writing strategies. In grant writing, you’re going to need to understand much more about nonprofits than just how to write a grant.
  •  SHAPE: Build a professional online presence and LinkedIn profile that reflects your career goals.
  • TRACK: Execute your action plan so you can build your grant writing career around YOUR ideal life with confidence. You need a plan and goals.

Those are the steps most new grant writers miss. And it’s the support I wish I’d had as a new grant writer.

I’ve worked with people from college students to retirees, and every age in between. Every single one of them has come to me and said, “I just don’t know if I have what it takes.” And after working together, every single one has had a light bulb moment where they’ve said, “Wow! I didn’t even think about using my skills that way! I never would’ve thought of this on my own!” 

They’re so excited and confident about moving forward, because they know what they have to offer and they can clearly articulate that to nonprofits. They know how to reach out to clients, how to talk to those in their network, how to start.

Sometimes a certain skill or talent is so easy for us, so natural, that we don’t realize what a valuable asset it can be to an organization.

Are You Ready to Move F.A.S.T.?

The Fast Track to Grant Writer group program is OPEN! I would be honored to serve you over there if you’re ready to step up your grant writing career.

Listen in to the full episode for today’s lesson and homework assignment.

Then download the free workbook below and let’s get you moving forward!

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