Do you know where you're going? Check your premise - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 90

Do You Know Where You’re Going? Check Your Premise [Episode 90]

Do you know why you're doing this nonprofit work, both personally and as an organization? Step back and evaluate your premise.

What Is Your Premise?

I often tell you that action brings clarity, and that’s so true.
Every now and then, though, we need to take a step back and check our premise
A premise is what forms the basis of a theory or plan. For example, when writing a book, you need to have a clear premise so you know what the book is about.
However, sometimes our premise fades or gets lost in the shuffle. This can happen due to:
  • Overwhelm – which clouds our decisions
  • Blind spots – which skew our decisions
Last week we talked about having a go-giver mindset. That way of thinking will challenge you to shift your premise in a good way!

Check Your Premise 

This week I want to challenge you to make sure you’re crystal clear on your premise from multiple angles:
  • Personally – before you get into nonprofit work or grant writing, or as you keep moving forward as a grant writer
  • Nonprofits – as an organization, get clear on your premise before you keep working in so many directions (or get off track)
  • Grant writers – before you write the grant, ask yourself: Does this align with your nonprofit mission and the funder’s mission?

Challenge Question:

What’s your premise, both personally and as a nonprofit? Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’ll brainstorm with you.

Listen to the episode for inspiration and practical advice on how to check your premise.

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