The Go-Giver Marriage with John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann. Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 91

Go-Giver Marriage: Continuing the Nonprofit Ripple Effect [Episode 91]

Meaningful change doesn’t happen “someday.” It happens today, right now...Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference—especially when you do them consistently.

Developing a Go-Giver Nonprofit Ripple Effect

Lately we’ve been talking about being a go-giver and how this mindset shift can change not only your own life, but also those around you.

Today we’re taking that a step further. I’m talking with the loveliest couple, John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann, about their new book The Go-Giver Marriage.

Our personal and professional lives are so intertwined; we need to take care of both. Whether you’re married or not, this episode is full of golden tips for strengthening relationships both personally and within a go-giver nonprofit. 

John and Ana share:

  • How creativity affects our work
  • The importance of using music, arts, and other skills throughout our lives
  • How learning structure informs everything we do
  • Interesting comparison of grant writing and book publishing
  • Both grant funders and book publishers: “They’d rather say no than yes because no is a lot safer.” – John David Mann
  • “You have to have a very real emotional hook at the front of your grant.” – Ana Gabriel Mann
  • “Own your own material. Then there’s room for everybody to grow, and there’s room for compassion.” – Ana Gabriel Mann
  • Don’t be afraid to get feedback, whether to refine our grant writing or our marriage
 This is full of encouragement and practical wisdom!

Meet John David Mann & Ana Gabriel Mann

John David Mann is coauthor of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers, including The Go-Giver (coauthored with Bob Burg), which has sold over 1 million copies and won the 2017 Living Now Book Awards Evergreen Medal for its “contributions to positive global change.” He is married to Ana Gabriel Mann and considers himself the luckiest mann in the world. 


Ana Gabriel Mann, MA, holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and dance-movement therapy from Antioch New England, where she specialized in working with adults and family therapy. In addition to her work in family therapy and 5 Secrets marriage coaching, she has been clinical director for a program for people with Alzheimer’s disease, co-founded New England’s first college of Chinese medicine, and worked as a corporate consultant, speaker, trainer, and coach. 


John and Ana have been dreaming about writing The Go-Giver Marriage together for nearly two decades. The book was released in March 2022.

Connect with John & Ana:
  • www.johndavidmann.com
  • instagram.com/johndavidmann
  • facebook.com/johndavidmann
  • twitter.com/johndavidmann
  • linkedin.com/in/johndavidmann
  • www.gogivermarriage.com
  • instagram.com/anagabrielmann
  • facebook.com/anagabrielmann
  • twitter.com/anagabrielmann1

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Listen to the episode for inspiration and practical advice.

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