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Business Building: LinkedIn Profile Tips for Success [Episode 054]

Let’s Talk LinkedIn

Why am I sharing LinkedIn profile tips today, you ask?

  1. Open up a browser in private mode on your computer. 
  2. Google your name. 
  3. What comes up in the first 3 results? Lemme guess…

Your LinkedIn profile. 

Maybe it was even first. Amiright?

In this series, we’re going through tips for building your grant writing career. These episodes give you a sneak peek into the Fast Track to Grant Writer program where, among lots of other game-changing strategies, we go through your LinkedIn profile in detail and you can get feedback from the group. We talk about which strategies are best for your career goals to help you become the go-to grant writer in your community.

What’s So Special About a LinkedIn Profile?

I’m going to let you in on one of LinkedIn’s best-kept secrets: your LinkedIn profile is not a cut and paste of your resume. This is a space where you can be professional yet show some personality. 

Your LinkedIn profile and activity essentially become a brochure for your business and career, so steward them wisely and you’ll soon see momentum.

4 Phases of Polishing Your LinkedIn Profile

I recommend that you start with the basics and build your muscles from there. We’ll talk about this in 4 phases:

  1. Phase 1: Polish your Profile
  2. Phase 2: Find and Follow
  3. Phase 3: Comment and Connect
  4. Phase 4: Master your Messaging

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Join me over in the Grant Writing Simplified LinkedIn community. Let’s make LinkedIn the place where the cool kids hang out!

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