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Business Building: Grant Writer Strategy Call – How to Start Freelance Grant Writing [Episode 055]

Ready to Be a Grant Writer?

This Business Building Series has been so much fun! A lot of you are asking the same questions about becoming a grant writer, so I wanted to address some of those this month.
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How Can I Become a Freelance Grant Writer?

Today I’m talking with Julie Nyhus, a nurse practitioner-turned-grant writer. She’s just beginning her grant writing career after 20 years in the nursing field. She’s asking:

  • I’m good at writing, but how do I find clients? 
  • How can I leverage my 20 years of experience as a nurse?
  • Am I supposed to advertise my services?
My Tips for Starting a Grant Writing Career:
  • Look for ways to specialize
  • Tap into your network
  • Start with the opportunities around you, and then specialize over time
  • How to research potential nonprofits that you’d like to work with
  • The importance of understanding how nonprofits operate
  • Reaching out to prospective clients to start the conversation

Listen in for a great conversation on how to become a freelance grant writer! We dig deep into this in Fast Track to Grant Writer, the VIP program where we’ll spend 90 days getting your grant writing career up and running. If this is the kind of support you need too, message me and let’s chat about how I can help you. 

Meet Julie Nyhus

Julie Nyhus is a nurse practitioner and freelance health & medical writer. Her first love is writing flash fiction and short stories, but when she’s not crafting words behind the keyboard, she’s busy biking, boxing, knitting, or playing saxophone with the band. 

Julie is a momma to two daughters and bonus-momma to two daughters and one son. She lives in Indiana, a five minute walk from Lake Michigan, with her husband and Bernese Mountain dog.

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