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Episode 005: Grant Writing Strategy Session: Is Grant Writing for Me?

I’m excited to share this grant writing strategy call with Lisa Ortman. Her background is so unique! (Hint: Her undergrad degree is in forestry.) She reached out to me wondering if grant writing might be her next right step, so we met for a strategy session and worked out an action plan. I think she even surprised herself with how relevant her skills and education are to grant writing!

We discuss several aspects of grant writing strategy on the call:

  • Her background, education, and work experience
  • The opportunities in her community and potential partners
  • The areas of need she’s particularly passionate about
  • How her skills so far are good preparation for grant writing
  • Her next steps and a clear plan to move forward

Listen in and see if it sparks some ideas for your next right step. If it does, head to www.teresahuff.com/strategy and book your own session. Let’s get you out there and change the world.

In a grant writing strategy call like this, we can map out topics like:

  • How do I get started in grant writing?
  • Where do I find clients?
  • How do I tell people I’m looking for grant writing work?
  • Should I be an independent consultant or look for a grant writing job?

And lots more. Hit me up if grant writing is one of those ideas that keeps pulling on you and I’ll help you sort it out. We need you to help make an impact!

About Lisa:

Lisa Ortman is an educational equity advocate, family engagement specialist, and mom to 3 boys. She has a Bachelor’s in forestry and a Master’s in education. After 10 years in the wine industry, she decided it was time to find work where she can give back to the community. That’s when she started working in education and the ESL population.

As someone who actually enjoyed writing her Master’s thesis, I can sense a fellow grant writer at heart! Lisa has such a heart for serving in her community. I can’t wait to see how she uses her skills to move forward!

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