Breaking Free from the Nonprofit Comparison Trap: More Than a Numbers Game - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 83

Breaking Free from the Nonprofit Comparison Trap: More Than a Numbers Game [Episode 83]

While we need to track data, let's worry less about the numbers themselves and more about how well we're carrying out our mission.

What Questions Do You Have About Grant Writing?

Lately we’ve been going back to the basics of grant writing! I’m answering some of the most common questions I hear about grants.

We learn how to level up your skills in the Fast Track to Grant Writer so you can approach your grant writing career with a more successful strategy. The end goal is to help you increase your income and your impact through grant writing.

Are You Stuck in the Numbers Game?


Numbers can be intimidating, especially if it seems like our work doesn’t measure up to others around us. However, numbers aren’t everything. We need to also take the quality and impact into account.

Listen to the full episode for encouragement and challenge questions to think through with your team. 


How can your nonprofit look at your numbers differently? Connect with me over on LinkedIn and let’s continue the conversation.


Keep up the good work, my friends! You’re making a bigger difference than you’ll ever know.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking Free from the Nonprofit Comparison Trap: More Than a Numbers Game [Episode 83]”

  1. Teresa, I love that I can glean nuggets of wisdom, encouragement, and information in these short podcasts. The “win rate” has been a struggle for me to explain without throwing anyone under the bus. Whether it’s leadership who wants to do things their way or a program head that won’t track the right measurables, it’s been tough for me to go up against the machine sometimes but that doesn’t make me a “less than” candidate. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone in my “that’s a terrible question” conviction!

    1. Ashley, I’m so glad the podcasts have been helpful! It’s good to talk about those tougher “unspoken” issues to realize you’re not alone! You’re spot on about the win rate…I’ve had people ask me that question point blank in interviews. I could honestly say, “I don’t track my win rate because of all the external variables that come into play, but I do track other measures that more accurately reflect my skill and impact. I’m happy to share those with you.”
      Keep up the good work! 🙂

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