Encouragement for overwhelmed nonprofit leaders - 9 ways to recharge - Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 84

Encouragement for the Overwhelmed Nonprofit Leader: 9 Ways to Recharge [Episode 84]

Measure backwards but aim forward.

What Questions Do You Have About Grant Writing?

Lately we’ve been going back to the basics of grant writing! I’m answering some of the most common questions I hear about grants.

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When You’re Wearing All The Nonprofit Hats

Already in the first quarter of 2022 I’ve had the privilege of attending several conferences and workshops, both in-person and virtual. I’ve met some incredible people who are working hard on the front lines to carry out their missions. 
Because of that, I’ve been able to keep an ear to the ground about what’s going on in the space. People are so passionate about their mission and you can tell they care deeply about the cause they’re working for. It’s inspiring hanging around these types of leaders.
However, there’s also a clear, common theme among these executive directors and other leaders: they’re overwhelmed and worn out. They feel like they’re wearing all the hats. I don’t say that to be discouraging, but to let you know that you are not alone!
Yet the mission is so important and the work has to get done. They keep going back day after day because these are caring, compassionate people. What’s an overwhelmed nonprofit leader to do? We’re caring by nature, but running around trying to wear all the hats can wear us out if we’re not careful.

9 Ways Overwhelmed Nonprofit Leaders Can Recharge:

  1. Take care of you.
  2. Recognize what things YOU need to recharge.
  3. Minimize distractions.
  4. Measure backwards.
  5. Aim forward.
  6. Step away for creative think time.
  7. Reach out for support.
  8. Keep learning, exploring, and experimenting.
  9. Start rethinking your obstacles as creative challenges.

Listen to the full episode for examples and deeper discussion of each.


Challenge Questions:

On a scale of 1-10, how overwhelmed are you feeling right now? Which of these 9 tips are you going to implement first? Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’ll share more resources with you.


Keep at it, my friend! The world needs you – but since you’re here right now, I think you already know that. Have a great week, and keep changing your world!

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