Should You Hire a Grant Writer or Write Grants Yourself? [Episode 81] Consider these questions first. Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff

Are You Getting More Rejections Than Wins? How to Improve Your Grant Proposals [Episode 82]

Grants are a long game. Pace yourself for the marathon.

What Questions Do You Have About Grant Writing?

Lately we’ve been going back to the basics of grant writing! I’m answering some of the most common questions I hear about grants.

We learn how to level up your skills in the Fast Track to Grant Writer so you can approach your grant writing career with a more successful strategy. The end goal is to help you increase your income and your impact through grant writing.

Are You Struggling to Win Grants?


Grants are a long game, and they’re not easy money. If you’ve been struggling with grant proposal rejections, today I want to offer you encouragement. You’re not alone, it’s normal, and you can improve!

Ways to Improve Your Grant Proposals

If you aren’t winning very many grants, know that:

  • You’re not the only one! 
  • What external factors are coming into play?
  • Look at your writing, or better yet, have someone else look at it. 
  • Are you clearly conveying the need, the project, and how you’ll measure the impact? 
  • Gauge the level of risk you’re taking with each application. Look at the different elements so you can make an educated, calculated decision instead of blind risk.
  • Make sure you’re ready for grants first. Play the long game and do the hard work of preparing. If you’re a nonprofit, check out my free nonprofit audit.
  • Build a relationship with the grantmaker. Ask for their input and feedback. 


How can your nonprofit improve your grant proposals? Connect with me over on LinkedIn and let’s continue the conversation.


Keep up the good work, my friends! You’re making a bigger difference than you’ll ever know.


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