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7 Things Grants and Gardening Have in Common [Episode 92]

How can you shift your approach to cultivate a healthier grant garden?

What Do Grants and Gardening Have in Common?

As it turns out, quite a lot.

I’ve been helping my husband plant the garden this spring. He has quite the green thumb of the family. Sadly, I do not.

However, it’s given me the chance to reflect on how much grant writing and gardening have in common.

7 Ways Grants Are Like Gardening:

  1. Both take time, hard work, and patience to tend.
  2. We can’t control the outcome, so we need to be prepared and follow through consistently. 
  3. Artificial opportunities may look good at first, but they won’t produce the results we need. 
  4. Grants and gardens take nurturing and tending to build relationships and reputation. 
  5. We must learn to understand the needs and provide for those. 
  6. Plant before you need it so you can build your pipeline of harvest for the future.
  7. Prepare for the seasonality.
 Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into each.

Challenge Question:

How can you shift your approach to cultivate a healthier grant garden? Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message and I’ll brainstorm with you.

Listen to the episode for inspiration and practical advice.

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