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10 Steps to Create a Nonprofit Fundraising Plan [Episode 036]

Nonprofit Fundraising Series Part 4

Back in Episode 34, I gave you over 60 fundraising ideas and 9 questions you should be asking. Those were some great ideas. But if it left you scratching your head and wondering, “Where do we start?” then this list will help you take it a few steps further and actually create a nonprofit fundraising plan.

You can’t possibly do ALL the fundraisers at once, nor should you try. That’s why it’s so important to first look at the bigger picture and then determine how you should move forward.

Listen in for 10 steps you need to develop to have a stronger nonprofit fundraising plan. This is important knowledge for both nonprofits and aspiring grant writers to have in your toolbelt!

The Quick Rundown – 10 Steps to Create Your Nonprofit Fundraising Plan:

  1. Outline your budget – past and projected
  2. Define a clear vision, mission, and core values
  3. Determine your goals – how will you know when you’ve reached them
  4. Consider community events and trends
  5. Evaluate your current funding base 
  6. Look at the opportunities around you
  7. Include donor stewardship and communication
  8. Prioritize your strategies – also consider the cost of each
  9. Timeline – look ahead, spread it out
  10. Assign responsibilities and build in accountability as you implement

If you’re struggling to gain traction with your nonprofit or your grant writing consulting business, book a strategy call today. We need you out there making a difference. 

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