How to Find First-Time Donors for Your Nonprofit [Episode 033]

Getting first-time donor support is critical for new and small nonprofits. A lot of fundraising webinars and articles talk about donor retention, but how are you supposed to find donors in the first place? 

Finding First-Time Donors

Today Jason Adkins, GPC shares advice on finding first-time donors on a tight budget. We cover some great tips such as:

  • Why you should become a nonprofit mystery shopper
  • How to analyze nonprofit giving and build a prospective donor list 
  • Look for donor connections under your nose
  • Use some detective work to find first-time donors
  • Tips for approaching the donors
  • Advice for direct mail campaigns

…and much more! You’ll want to take notes on all the great tips in this episode.

Resources Mentioned:

About Jason Adkins, GPC:

Since 2008, Jason Adkins has raised over $120 million in grants and donations. His work has benefited nonprofits in the arts, education, and human services sectors.

He earned the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) credential in 2017 and is a frequent trainer of grant writers and fundraisers. Jason created Funding Finders, a website of resources for nonprofit pros on a quest to raise money.

Connect with Jason:



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