Flourishing Business Podcast - Alison Liddic interviews Teresa Huff

My Work at Home Journey: Interview with Alison Liddic and Teresa Huff

This time I’m in the hot seat! 

Alison Liddic was such a gracious hostess on her new Fourishing Business Podcast. We get personal as I share about my work at home journey, challenges I’ve had to overcome, and strategies I’ve learned along the way. I hope you find some encouragement and ideas in our conversation.

We discuss:

  • Why I want to help writers learn more skills to scale their income and make a bigger impact
  • How the seemingly unrleated pieces of my background have come together to make perfect sense
  • How I’ve moved forward when I’ve felt stuck
  • Waiting can be active, not passive
  • Overcoming business obstacles
  • Things I’ve added (and removed) from my day to day life to make the work at home journey more doable

If you’re in a difficult season, know that imperfect progress is still movement in the right direction!

Enjoy and be encouraged!

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