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Google Ad Grant: The Nonprofit World’s Best-Kept Secret [Episode 007]

In this episode I’m talking with Grant Hensel about the Google Ad Grant. If you work in the nonprofit world in any capacity, you need to know about this resource. This could benefit so many nonprofits, but most don’t even know it exists. This gives registered nonprofits a $10,000/month advertising credit to use for Google ads

I’ve brought in an expert today to share the ins and outs of this resource. Grant Hensel is the CEO of Nonprofit Megaphone, an agency focused 100% on Google Grant Management for nonprofits. Nonprofit Megaphone is honored to manage the Google Grant for 370+ leading nonprofits worldwide and to be an inaugural member of the Google Ad Grant Certified Professionals community. 

Grant explains what the Google Ad Grant is designed for, shares some great tips, and tells us how you can position your nonprofit to make the most out of this free advertising. 

Resources and Google Ad Grant info we mention in this episode:

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