Optimize Systems, Prevent Burnout, and Promote Growth in Your Nonprofit, Interview with Sean Hale, Grant Writing Simplified with Teresa Huff, Episode 130

Optimize Systems, Prevent Burnout, and Promote Growth in Your Nonprofit [Episode 130]

“If all you have is raw numbers, a good graphic in 30 seconds can spark the organization to have really important critical conversations that they need to have around money and fiscal solvency. And it can make all the difference in having the right kind of engagement you need with your program staff and your board leaders.”

How Human Resources Systems and Accounting Enable Nonprofit Growth

Today we’re continuing the conversation from my TEDx Talk by discussing strategies for grant writing and nonprofits. You might recognize Sean Hale from the Nonprofit Mythbusters Roundtable. Sean is a nonprofit accounting and HR expert.

As part of these nonprofit strategy conversations, we need to include nonprofit accounting and HR systems. However, I didn’t want you to snooze during the episode! That’s why I invited Sean, because he understands accounting and reporting without focusing solely on spreadsheets and numbers. He knows how to use the data to tell your nonprofit’s full story.

We talk about questions like:

  • How do accounting best practices apply to nonprofits?
  • How can we track our books better?
  • How can we have sound systems to support our work better?

Sean has fascinating experience and stories about nonprofit work and the systems supporting nonprofits. He’s worked in nonprofits for over 20 years and loves helping get smooth-running administration so the organization shines, allowing them to focus on the work they do best.

Sean helps organizations reduce waste, produce more revenue, and boost morale and productivity while growing transparency and stability.

How Back Office Systems Help Prevent Burnout and Fraud

Did you know that 93% of American adults have math anxiety? That’s 13 out of 14 people! And that’s why we need good systems that can translate math into easily readable graphs and data. This is even more important for nonprofits trying to convey the importance of their work.

Sean shares how a good graphic can spark the organization to have critical conversations around money and solvency.

We also discuss how Form 990s can be used for good and bad data points. We even discuss whether external audits are an effective fraud prevention and what steps can be taken to add additional fraud protection on top of audits.

Often when we have these financial discussions, it can feel personal. But if organizations are set up with the proper checks and balances from the beginning, the system works to protect everyone. No one gets singled out or picked on.

While back office and systems conversations can be difficult, these small measures and systems help set our team up for stability and growth.

Challenge Question:

What systems can be a benefit to your nonprofit or grant-writing business? What two steps will you take today to start those conversations?

Meet Sean Hale

I’ve served nonprofits for more than twenty years. I love getting the administrative side running smoothly so the organization can truly focus and shine. Over my career, I have made improvements that reduced waste, generated new revenue, boosted staff productivity and morale, grew financial transparency, and shrank risk. I’ve also helped boards and management to navigate complex situations and consistently left the organizations stronger and ready for their next stage of growth. Today I get to lead a team of outstanding nonprofit accounting and finance professionals. Together, we provide temporary and ongoing services to small and mid-sized nonprofits so they can have the back office support they need for the whole organization to flourish.

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