How a Veteran’s Refusal to Leave Humans Behind Became a Nonprofit, Interview with Christi Nabors, Grant Writing Simplified with Teresa Huff, Episode 128

How a Veteran’s Refusal to Leave Humans Behind Became a Nonprofit [Episode 128]

“ There was no search engine for human traffickers before DeliverFund. So for the past seven years, we have every human trafficker that's posted an ad ever. It's that intelligence that we give to law enforcement.”

Nonprofit Spotlight: Catching Human Traffickers

I enjoy hosting a variety of topics relating to nonprofits and the issues surrounding them. Occasionally, we’ll have a nonprofit spotlight episode. The issue of this episode is one I have wanted to highlight for a while, but the topic is a challenging one.

Today’s nonprofit spotlight is DeliverFund and their efforts to stop human trafficking. Due to the subject matter, you may want to grab earbuds or headphones if you have little ones around.

Human Trafficking Myths, Politics, Technology, and Budgets. Get Involved

Several years ago, a U.S. soldier on duty overseas was distraught when he saw the effects of human trafficking. He asked a superior what they could do to stop the selling of women and children. The response was, “Nothing. We don’t have the budget.”

He decided to do something about it himself. Since that veteran, Nic McKinley, founded DeliverFund, this nonprofit has been developing technology and training law enforcement to attack trafficking networks to put an end to traffickers.

Using over 3,400 intelligence reports, training over 1,087 officers, and partnering with over 600 other agencies, DeliverFund uses data-driven technology and analytics to curate the most significant human trafficking database. The technology reduces the time it takes to identify a victim from weeks to hours.

The founder realized his unique skills could be used to fill a significant need, and that vision is growing and restoring victims of this industry.

Learn the Benefits of Using Technology to Grow Your Nonprofit

Today I’m talking with DeliverFund’s Director of Development, Christi Nabors. She has experience in the for-profit world and has brought that experience to her work in nonprofit spaces. All of that experience has helped her view technology as a helpful tool.

Christi helped build training programs and digital online products in the for-profit world. I loved discussing the learning curve of nonprofit language vs. for-profit work.

We discuss fears that can stall nonprofits’ growth and the work of weaving nonprofit speak together to tell the compelling story of nonprofits.

Christi also takes the time to bust myths about human trafficking. I hope you find value in this conversation.

To learn more about how to support this nonprofit or get involved, visit deliverfund.org

Challenge Question:

  1. Did any of the human trafficking myths surprise you?
  2. What is one way can you be a part of the solution to human trafficking today?

Meet Christi Nabors:

Christi Nabors has been serving DeliverFund as Director of Development since January 2022. Her for-profit executive leadership and non-profit Executive and CEO experiences have set the foundation for her to be credited with three non-profit turnarounds. First, she increased programmatic impact and expansion; introduced program delivery into new ecosystems; and created new revenue-generating and sustainability pipelines.

Throughout her career, Christi has been at the forefront of leveraging technology. She has developed and launched new streaming, online, mobile, and consumer products, including print and digital e-courses and books. She also has a proven track record of rapid growth and expansion in the restaurant/ retail space and live television production to include proven success in operationalizing strategy and execution.

Connect with DeliverFund:

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