Where do you find grants? Grant Writing Simplified Podcast with Teresa Huff, Episode 79

Grant Writing Basics: Where Do You Find Grants? [Episode 79]

Make sure your nonprofit is ready for grants before you start the search for grant funding.

What Questions Do You Have About Grant Writing?

This month we’re going back to the basics of grant writing! I’m answering some of the most common questions I hear about grants.


Where Do I Find Grants?

Just like anything in life, you can always do a Google search. However, that might send you down a never-ending rabbit trail with nothing to show for it!

Several grant search tools are available for nonprofits, such as:

  • Instrumentl
  • Grant Station
  • GrantScape
  • Foundation Directory Online
  • Grant Forward
  • Grant Select
  • Grant Watch
  • Grant Gopher

In addition, I recommend starting local. See what’s in your own community and build relationships with those foundations. Check with your local library, the Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses.

6 Tips Before You Start Your Grant Search:

  1. Be sure your nonprofit is ready for grants!
  2. Be sure your mission and priorities are clear and externally focused
  3. Know your program priorities so you can find a good match with grant funders
  4. Weed out quickly. Look for geographical and program fit first.
  5. Start local, especially if you’re newer to grants
  6. Organize your search


Listen in today as we go back to the basics of grant writing. If you have a similar question, send me a message. Chances are others are wondering too! Maybe I’ll even answer it on a future podcast episode!

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