Grant writing basics - What does a grant look like? Teresa Huff, Grant Writing Simplified Podcast Episode 78

Grant Writing Basics: What Does a Grant Look Like? [Episode 78]

Your past experiences may be more similar to grant writing than you realize!

What Questions Do You Have About Grant Writing?

When I first started grant writing and working with my mentor, I asked a lot of questions. 

Let me rephrase that.

I asked a BOATLOAD of questions.

I bombarded her with so many queries that I apologized for the onslaught. I’ll never forget her gracious response, “I’d rather you ask than wonder.” 

Now that I’m mentoring grant writers myself, I feel the same way. No question is too big or too small!


What Does a Grant Even Look Like?

I was recently a guest presenter about grant readiness in a college class. After the class, a student came up to me and said, “I feel silly asking this, but…what does a grant look like? I’ve tried googling it, but the answers are so confusing!”

I am SO glad she asked!

Funny thing is, I wondered the EXACT same thing before I met my mentor and started grant writing. Except…Google wasn’t a thing yet, so I didn’t have anyone to ask!

Today I’m going to explain what a grant application might look like depending on the type of grant you’re writing, what things are usually included in a grant proposal, and the different ways of submitting a grant. And, most importantly, I explain how you can know exactly how to fill out a grant application!


Listen in today as we go back to the basics of grant writing. If you have a similar question, send me a message. Chances are others are wondering too! Maybe I’ll even answer it on a future podcast episode!

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