Kevin Fitzpatrick - Creating Clarity Around How to Obtain Major Gifts for Your Nonprofit - Grant Writing Simpllified with Teresa Huff, Episode 105

Creating Clarity Around How to Obtain Major Gifts for Your Nonprofit [Episode 105]

"Fundraising is not all about the money."

Do Major Gifts Seem Initimidating?

A lot of people are super intimidated by fundraising, yet it’s a big part of nonprofit work. You’ve heard me talk a lot about needing multiple sources of funding for your nonprofit. Grants alone won’t do the trick. That’s why I’ve brought in another expert for you.

In this episode I’m talking with Kevin Fitzpatrick from the One Visit Away Podcast about Major Gifts. 

What action is going to help you learn that donor’s major gift potential? Having one on one in-person conversations with them! 

Kevin explains to us why the key to obtaining major gifts is to set times to meet in person with your donors. 

How Personalization Can Increase Your Major Donors

Think about this for yourself: What makes you decide you want to give to an organization? You probably care about the values it stands for and the difference it’s making. 

Now think about this: Are you more likely to donate when someone talks to you personally and cares about your well-being, or to an ad or email that asks for money? 

Speaking with your donors personally and learning what it is about your nonprofit’s mission that has led them to give generously can help remind your donor why they care about giving, and possibly encourage them to give more. Ultimately, we’re helping give others an opportunity to advance a mission where they’re passionate about making a difference. 

People are told every day to spend money in different ways. Why not talk with your donors, show them you care about them as individuals, tell them your nonprofit’s plan, and help them feel excited about the difference their donations can make? Being personable has more success in larger gifts as well as more long-lasting donors. Connections have power.

How To Get Started Increasing Your Major Donors

Step One: Rank your top donors.

Step Two: Reach out to these donors to schedule a time to visit with them. 

Step Three: Ask questions and listen well. For example: ask what makes them feel connected to your nonprofit’s mission, what their top philanthropic priorities are, and if they could donate a larger amount. If they indicated they give an even higher amount to another organization, you can ask if they could ever see themselves donating that amount to your nonprofit as well.

Step Four: Allow them to ask you questions. Based on what you learned in Step 3, give them information about your nonprofit that is relevant to their interests. 

Step Five: Ask if they would consider donating a higher amount.

It’s important to remember that you’re representing your beneficiaries and that most donors can probably be donating more money than they currently are.f you don’t ask for that larger donation, who will? Don’t wait to feel ready. Set up meetings, get started, and get practice.

Serve Your Donors Well

Fundraising is about money, but it’s not all about the money. When you go into these meetings with your donors, keep these things in mind:

  • If they’re in a hard place with family, be there emotionally and  don’t ask about upping a donation unless they bring it up at that time.
  • Respect their time. If they only have a small amount of time, get straight to it by telling them you don’t want to take up much of their time, you appreciate them as a donor, and are wondering if they would be able to give a larger donation. After their answer, express gratitude for their time and head on out.
  • Care about them as people, not just their wallets.
  • Be honest about what is on your mind. Don’t beat around the bush.
  • Don’t make assumptions about your donors. Don’t assume they can’t give more. Don’t assume they know the full power of your mission. Provide them with an opportunity to make a larger difference in a mission that they’re passionate about by reminding them what your cause does, and what a larger donation can do.
Challenge Question:

Which donor of yours can you reach out to this week to set up a time to meet up with personally? 

I’d love to hear how it goes! Connect with me over on LinkedIn or send me a message. And if you need more support, join me on the Fast Track to Grant Writer already and let’s get you moving!

If you enjoyed this episode, you can book a 1:1 strategy session with me at teresahuff.com/mentor. The world needs you out there making a difference!

Meet Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin is the founder of One Visit Away where he teaches others how to use interpersonal relationships to obtain larger monetary donations for nonprofits. He is also the host of the One Visit Away podcast which is the #1 rated Major Gift Podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Connect with Kevin:

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