Learn How Corporate Fundraising Can Help Fund and Grow Your Nonprofit, Interview with Linda Lysakowski - Grant Writing Simplified with Terea Huff, 106

Learn How Corporate Fundraising Can Help Fund and Grow Your Nonprofit [Episode 106]

“...Talk to them about what their goals are and how they harmonize with the values that you have in your organization.”

Today I’m talking to Linda Lysakowski about corporate fundraising. She’s a brilliant resource and draws on decades of experience. If you’re wondering how to get more help from businesses in your community, this is the perfect episode for you!

Brainstorm Your Network

Your board members, staff, fundraising committee, and volunteers know people. You never know the personal connections you have to people or corporations that are untapped within your circle until you dig into it.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to only reach out to the big corporations because that’s who you think is capable of donating to your cause. Think about the smaller or “average” businesses like a painting company or car washes. Smaller organizations often give to help others because they understand what that can do for someone else.

How To Begin Corporate Fundraising

The best thing to do is to get involved and build relationships first. After your team has brainstormed your connections, really interact with individuals in those corporations, whether it’s a friend or relative, long-time business partner, or acquaintance at a networking event, and make sure they don’t feel like a means to an end. They need to know you care about them as individuals and not just as a check.

Ask for advice from them regarding the best interests of your nonprofit. It shows respect and can help your nonprofit grow by learning new perspectives.

Your corporate connections can help you in more ways than just financially, but when you do ask for a donation, address how your nonprofit can serve that corporation specifically and help them see the mutual benefit.

Challenge Question:

Which strategy Linda shared are you going to begin implementing?

Meet Linda Lysakowski:

Linda is one of just over 100 professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive designation. In her thirty-plus years in the development field, she has managed capital campaigns, helped dozens of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals, and has trained more than 50,000 professionals in Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Bermuda, and most of the fifty United States. 

Linda is a graduate of Alvernia College in Reading, PA with majors in Banking and Finance; Communications; and Theology/Philosophy and is a candidate for a master’s degree in Theological Studies at the University of San Diego. 

Linda has received the Outstanding Fundraising Executive award from the Eastern PA, Las Vegas, and Sierra (NV) chapters of AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals). She has a full list of over 40 published books to her name. Learn more at www.lindalysakowski.com.

Connect with Linda:


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