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6 Meaningful Ways Your Nonprofit Can Build Relationships with Grant Funders [Episode 051]

We Are More Than Grant Writers

I’ve had several conversations lately with students in the Fast Track to Grant Writer program and with my nonprofit strategy clients about all the different roles we fill. 

Our job is so much more than just writing grants. Often it’s about building relationships, supporting a nonprofit in other fundraising or development projects, and evaluating programs to provide accurate reports.

Listen to the full podcast episode as I share examples of each area. 

6 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with Donors and Grant Funders:

  1. They are the expert in their grant programs, so be respectful of their feedback. 
  2. Do your homework so you can ask intelligent questions. 
  3. Send them photos and friendly updates to show the impact you’re making. 
  4. Show your appreciation by tagging them on social media and mention them when you’re sharing about your programs. If you want an amazing example, check out thestore.org‘s social profiles.
  5. Turn in your applications and reports in on time, and proactively communicate any issues along the way. 
  6. Become a good storyteller. Remember the 3 Cs: Clear, Concise, Compelling.
There is a person on the other side of everything you write, so write for that person. 
The same goes for building relationships with grant funders or donors. There is a person on the other side of everything. You’re not talking to a stack of money. Talk to the person.
Put in the time and effort to cultivate sincere, meaningful relationships. Remember your bigger mission and let that shine through everything you do. I am here to support you in this, friend!
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