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10 Ways to Foster Creativity in Grant Writing and Nonprofit Leadership [Episode 050]

Think Grant Writing Is Boring? Think Again!

Grant writing might sound a little dry, and maybe it can be at times, but it can also be quite creative and innovative. There may be days when we feel stuck or can’t think through a problem. We’ve stared at the screen so long, when we close our eyes we still see the screen in front of us.

That’s a good sign it’s time for a break!

These are a few tips to get you started to develop more creativity in grant writing; listen to Episode 50 for the full explanation of each.

10 Ways Grant Writers Can Inspire Creativity

  1. Set up templates and systems where possible (I can help with this!). Minimize the brain-numbing resources required so you can focus on the strategic thinking at hand.
  2. When you’re stuck or trying to work out an idea, use a different format altogether – giant paper and markers, mind maps, white board, music.
  3. Ask questions. Sometimes we don’t ask because we think we’ll look silly, or we don’t realize we can ask.
  4. Get away from all screens – go for a walk, try a new coffee shop, log out of social media.
  5. Dust off a hobby – bake a new recipe, do a sport you enjoy, read a fiction book for a change.
  6. Call a friend for the purpose of brainstorming.
  7. Look for new solutions. Instead of, “Our options are A or B,” is there an option C, D, or E that you haven’t considered?
  8. Do something creative that is completely unrelated to grant writing – play an instrument, go hiking.
  9. Think about how can you best tell the story – with data and stats or with stories? With big picture concepts or sharing about one person that was impacted? The content might be dry, but your writing doesn’t have to be!
  10. Change it up – drive a different route, work in a different location, walk away and come back to it later. Sometimes this will give you your second wind.

What is ONE thing you’ll do this week to encourage creativity in your grant writing and nonprofit work? Who knows, that might just be the catalyst that will change your world.

What are some ways you enjoy being creative? Join me in the Grant Writing Simplified group on LinkedIn and tell us! If you are ready to scale your grant writing career, the Fast Track to Grant Writer is open. Sign up at teresahuff.com/vip.

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