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Nonprofit Spotlight: Changing Lives Through Service Dogs [Episode 023]

How Saber Life Foundation is Changing Lives through Service Dogs

Today I’d like to introduce you to a unique nonprofit that is making such a difference in people’s lives. Joel and Danea Key of Saber Life Foundation connect service dogs to people with disabilities.

The nonprofit stemmed from a long health journey with their own daughter. Getting her a service dog was the catalyst for starting Saber Life Foundation. Now they’re helping connect families and service dogs through the foundation.

Listen and be blessed by their story. And then head over to www.saberlifefoundation.org and pick up a few dog treats for your furry friends!

About Saber Life Foundation

Saber Life Foundation is helping to provide a “Service Dog” to approved and accepted individuals with the Saber Life Foundation Project. Service Dogs training costs a MINIMUM of $18,500. Saber Life Foundation is helping to provide to all that are accepted into the Saber Life Foundation Project a trained Service Dog for $12,500.00.

With everything we have learned in past and present from our own personal experiences, one fact has become clear above all else — The bond is all that matters. From that bond comes the willingness to work for success (though it feels like play) and the ability to handle any difficulties that might arise.

Our long-term goal at Saber Life Foundation is to be able to not only help those in our home state of Missouri, but to expand our mission and organization nationwide. We aim to keep creating more and more positive life changing stories to share.

Learn more and connect at www.saberlifefoundation.org or www.facebook.com/Saberlifefoundation.



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