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From Board Members to Ambassadors: Nurturing Nonprofit Leadership [Episode 57]

When we actively engage and equip our board members, they become our organization's best ambassadors!
Brian Brant, Core Insights
Brian Brandt
CEO, Core Insights

Developing Nonprofit Board Members

Developing a healthy nonprofit board can be a challenge. Often board members agree to serve without understanding their role or how they can best help the nonprofit. Board training and communication can alleviate some of this dysfunction. Board members can then step into their leadership roles and use their skills more effectively.
Brian Brandt, CEO of Core Insights, shares words of wisdom for nonprofit board members. We chat about:
  • The role of nonprofit board members 
  • Where to start when onboarding new members
  • The importance of market research when starting a nonprofit
  • How to encourage board members to get involved
  • Fostering connection and vision among nonprofit boards
  • Better equipping board members to serve
  • Developing ambassadors, not just board members
  • Approaching difficult board conversations with grace
Listen in for some great advice from Brian’s years of working with nonprofits.

Meet Brian Brandt:

Brian Brandt is the CEO of Core Insights, a Texas-based company providing training and facilitation for nonprofits and businesses. With three decades of leadership experience, he has devoted his life to developing stronger leaders and organizations. His expertise revolves around board training, leadership, and communication. 
Brian frequently speaks at conferences on board development and engagement, human resources issues, leadership, change management, and strategic planning. He co-authored The Ambassador’s Journey: A Parable About Nonprofit Board Leadership and Blind Spots: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You. Brian holds a Master’s in Global Leadership and a Bachelor’s in Accounting.
Nonprofit Work Is a Journey
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